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Guangdong Guangsheng Power Fuel Co. Ltd.

GuangdongGuangsheng Power Fuel Co. Ltd. is build by Guangdong Guangsheng assetmanagement Co. Ltd. through increase funding in July 2008. It is Guangsheng companyin the practice of scientific outlook on development, the implementation ofenterprise strategic development planning process, combined with the GuangdongEconomic and social long-term stability and development of the huge demand forenergy and the energy the relative lack of features, the integration ofinternal resources, implementation of the new growth point, the pilot units toexpand energy trading business.

Itsince the founding, with support from the national development and ReformCommission, the Ministry of Railways and the Guangdong Provincial Economic andTrade Commission and other relevant departments in charge of energy of thefuel, the company has achieved national coal production to be transportedbetween the key user qualifications, formally in Fuzhou to participate in the2009 annual meeting of the national coal production to be transported betweenthe meetings, and at the meeting with the China Shenhua Energy Co China coalenergy, Limited by Share Ltd, Refco Group Ltd, Datong Coal Group Co, Shanxicoking coal, Inner Mongolia Yitai Refco Group Ltd and other domestic large coalbriquette charcoal production enterprises to establish the annual coal supplycontract relationship, stable long-term supply of domestic coal resources. Atthe same time, the company also opened up fuel in Vietnam, Australia, Indonesiaand Russia and other international coal resources, organize foreignhigh-quality low-cost supply of coal resources domestic user needs.

It’sprocurement of domestic, international coal resources, in addition to meet theneeds of the internal business priority company rising system, the main face ofthe domestic coastal coal market, has been with the Huaneng Group, HuadianGroup, Shenzhen energy group, Guangzhou Pearl River power, MaomingPetrochemical electric coal users to carry out the coal supply business, andhas gradually expanded inland coal market. According to the implementation ofthe resources and market share, the company sales target for the short term:1000000 tons / year, 2000000 tons / year medium-term, long-term possession ofGuangdong market share.


Thevision of company are the quality information and services, implementation andcoal production and transportation demand win-win; to organize a large numberof high-quality coal security Guangdong Social and economic development of theenergy supply, the realization enterprise benefit increasing.


Thecompany has a sound corporate governance structure and organization. The legalrepresentatives are the president Guo Shisheng and general manager ZhengTuming.

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